‘Hallucinatory Economics’

Dear Editor,

The September 4th editorial clearly identified the dangers of Bernie Sanders energy policies, if he won the presidency. The weakened economy would impose hardships on American households. It’d also weaken our ability to fund a strong military. That invites aggression from the “bad guys,” endangering us and our allies. A Sanders presidency may be welcomed by China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea.

Sanders opposes nuclear energy, yet “nukes” emit no carbon dioxide. Sources on the “net” show that over 70% of France’s electricity comes from nuclear power plants. France has the lowest carbon dioxide emission of the “G-8” nations.

Energy-crippling flaws in Sanders plan are bad enough, but there’s more. He supports free medical care for illegal immigrants. This would cost taxpayers dearly – he would end “ICE raids,” one purpose of which is to deport those here illegally. Bernie denies favoring open borders, but those positions could likely attract more caravans.

According to the latest available U.N. immigration report, the percentage of foreign-born is 19.8% in the United States. That’s the highest of any nation. Our international kindness must be tempered with a realistic view of what we can safely accommodate.

Climate change and “new green deal” are key topics for certain politicians.

Climate is likely changing regardless of our actions; human activity didn’t end the Ice Age. But it’s also irresponsible to ignore the effects of 7.7 billion people – it would be catastrophic to lose clean water and air. It would also be catastrophic to lose our sovereignty and energy independence.

Since the original Earth Day, much has been achieved: foul-smelling bus exhausts are remedied with low sulfur diesel, diesel-electric hybrids or compressed natural gas; four-cylinder cars get more miles per gallon than the old “sixes,” often with more horsepower; many older houses are updated with high-efficiency furnaces, insulation, and thermal windows; recycling is a way of life; the Cuyahoga River, which used to catch on fire, was just named “River of the Year” by the American Rivers Conservation Association; etc., etc.

We must not rest on our laurels. We also must not accept guilt trips. Protesters, climate or otherwise, must be prevented from clogging streets — they have no right to block traffic, which may include emergency vehicles. Prompt arrests are in order the second construction occurs.

Beware of, as you aptly named it, “Hallucinatory Economics.”


Terry D. Hallock,



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