Voter suppression is real

Dear Editor,

The League of Women Voters of Warren County educational programs help citizen become aware of voter suppression which happens in many ways. One is the redistricting process across the US. In PA our Supreme Court ruled the Keystone State congressional maps unconstitutional and new geographic maps were proposed but still showed gerrymandering for one party to be in control. The League of Women Voters continues to fight for an “Independent Commission” consisting four persons from each major party, three from other parties. Priorities are an independent commission with transparency, plus non partisan members.

Our 65th PA House district is one having continuous district boundaries, but other Congressional and PA Senate districts continue to be gerrymander. Watch and speak up to House Bills 22 & 23 that address PA’s gerrymandering.

The 2020 census is critical especially in our rural areas to be sure EVERYONE is counted so they are represented fairly. Grants and other government funding depends on proving the needs and fair share of funds for the many human services, school district funding, addressing environment concerns, business and industry development, infrastructure upkeep, etc. You can become involved in many ways to help with success of the 2020 Census with paying manager jobs, actual census taker, and requesting speakers with educational programs on ways the census will be done. Go to www.2020 census.gov/jobs, or call 855-JOB-2020, or visit www.census.gov for more details on importance of “Complete Count.”

The Voting Rights Act is to assure every citizen has the right to vote. It is difficult for many citizens to obtain a photo ID which maybe required to vote. Easier ways to vote are being studied as early voting or online voting, etc.

The League’s goal is to register citizens to vote and be informed voters so they are heard by legislators. National Voting Day is Sept. 24 and you are reminded to register to vote. A democracy demands fair representation and informed active voters.

Phyllis Wright,


VP Communications, League of Women Voters of Warren County