Ship of State

Dear Editor,

The word “government” as we know it today is derived from the Greek word “kubern’o”; meaning to “steer” or “guide” as well as “drive” or “direct”.

Regardless of specific opinions, I think it’s safe to say most people would agree that those aren’t the first descriptors that come to mind to describe any current form of government.

I do not believe it is the job of government to control and dictate the direction of the ship, but rather to guide it at the bidding of its crew.

The government should act, as Plato said, as the navigator of the ship. The government didn’t build or design the ship. It doesn’t clean or defend the ship. The crew does. The government was chosen by the crew to guide and lead the ship.

The government was born out of the crew and it’s time the crew remember that.

Government needs to be kept in check by its crew, and ultimately run by those that realize they are nothing more than another crew member working towards an ultimate destination.

Christian Zavinski,



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