‘Inept, unqualified’

Dear Editor,

In addition to being a national embarrassment, there are many political, logical reasons to despise Donald Trump. But I despise him for his cruelty. He cares not about children getting an education or even food. He had to be ordered to provide soap and toothpaste to the children he ripped away from their parents and put into cages. And now he refuses to even provide feminine care products to the women. He’s kicking out kids that are here for medical treatment. He declares that children of military or government workers in foreign countries are not automatically American citizens anymore.

And if for some reason you’re okay with all that, he wants to kill health care, Medicare and Social Security.

He does nothing for veterans and does not respect our military. He doesn’t care about the environment or what effect his policies will have on the rest of the world. He deals with people by belittling and name-calling. He criticizes American citizens but praises dictators and Nazis. He is your friend until you criticize him and then he stomps on you and throws you under the bus… even his old-time buddies like Fox News.

He claims the lowest unemployment — but unemployment under Obama went from 10% to less than 5%. Trump goes from 5% to 4% and acts like the rooster who thinks he made the sun come up. Coal workers, farmers, car workers all hurting. How long before we are all hurting?

We have a vile, vindictive child in charge of OUR country. This is not about party. This is about decency, compassion, kindness. We need to get back to what made us proud to be Americans.

Arielle Smith,