Dear Editor,

I thoroughly disagree with the suggestions of the Opinion writer in the Friday, September 27th Times Observer! We live in a democracy where clandestine, backroom meetings and secret machinations are not allowed by law. I absolutely protest the turning upside down of the impeachment investigation from glossing over what Trump proposed to another nation’s president and placing the “fault” on the Democrats as the wrongdoers who are tasked with oversight to prevent the demolition of our republic!

Laws are being cast asunder, coverups of political phone conversations by the president of the USA are hidden in national security lock boxes, subpoenas are ignored, executive privilege is being abused, whistleblowers are threatened, administration officials infiltrate in processes which they are not permitted.

This is NOT right.

This investigation MUST proceed so that the rule of law and the integrity of our country can be preserved. Some say it is politically risky to look into impeachment. I say it is mandatory that it be done or our democracy will fail because people turned a blind eye and placed blame on American leaders with honesty and ethical principles.

Pay attention to the words of your federal Congressperson as well and see where GT stands…

Then vote on November 5th to preserve our country.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Davis,



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