‘Look in the mirror of God’s word’

Dear Editor,

Jesus Christ came into His world — He had spoken it into existence — and His own knew Him not.

Many people have been tripping over their opinion about the reality of our former reality star president. Why?

“He doesn’t sound presidential.” Do you forget? We elected a non-politician.

We have a president who is keeping his promises, despite the flack he continually experiences from all sides. He keeps a schedule that would have most who are half his age yawning including his harshest critics.

He acknowledges God and the truth of God’s word and is labeled “fake” by some who rarely read it, but listen to fake news every day… Evangelicals, even pastors, who would never discourage a young brother in their own flock, take offense at his words and personality. Then bring up his former life and throw it in his face.

Those who would make our nation freakishly far from what our founding fathers intended, claim to be doing the opposite. One who stands in the breach deserves our support.

You who are gnawing, though you may attend church every Sunday, look in the mirror of God’s word. How perfect are you? Am I?

Let’s obey the command to pray for our president.


Liz Farnsworth,