It’s time…

Dear Editor,

It’s time to officially change the acronym from POTUS to DOOFUS. Donald Of Our (in)Famous United States.

(no longer) My president continues to embarrass himself, and therefore our country with his off-the-wall comments and tweets.

To recap:

DOOFUS states, while gazing towards the Heavens, ‘I am the Chosen One”

DOOFUS retweets a proven right-wing conspiracy theorist’s statement that Trump is akin to the King of Israel.

DOOFUS picks a fight with Denmark, an important ally in Northern Europe, over buying Greenland.

DOOFUS gives a “thumbs up” while the Mrs. holds the baby of two murdered Hispanic parents.

DOOFUS orders American companies to relocate away from China. (NOTE: I just purchased a can of chilled Dunkin Donuts coffee made in Japan)

DOOFUS states only loyal Jewish people will vote Red.

DOOFUS visits El Paso where he meets with himself in empty hospital rooms as no one will see him.

DOOFUS sends the Stock Market plummeting with his trade war with China costing American citizens more at retail stores.

The president hopefully, will continue to rant, rave, spew and sputter, because The Donald is like no other. He thinks with his butt, throws the economy into a rut, and despite his advisors can’t keep his mouth shut.

So no matter your party, Trump can hardly, keep out of his own way.


Scott Robert Blume,



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