Hail, comrades!

Dear Editor,

Let me start out by bragging about my credentials: I am a fundamentalist Christian, I am not a vet, and I am very pro-life (sorry, the murder of children doesn’t really fit my idea of ‘virtue,’ that sounds more like something the ancient Canaanites did, not a Judean-Christian society).

Now, let me begin my argument:

So, since Donald Trump helped lower unemployment rates, my response will be “Orange man bad”

What about a great GDP growth? “Orange man bad”

How about the longest bull market in American history? “Orange man bad”

It is clear the Mueller investigation has nothing against him (and no, prosecutors cannot exonerate someone because in our civilized nation people are INNOCENT until proven guilty) “Orange man still bad”

President Trump calling out the terrible administrations run by progressive (let’s be honest and just say “statist”) policies, hence Baltimore “Orange man bad AND racist”

And on and on. The NPCs and robots will always listen to what their higher-ups will tell them to say, so they say “Orange man bad” instead of providing actual arguments.

They rely on the virtuous race card to pull them through and are emboldened by the media which are in essence propaganda machines (Joseph Goebbels would be proud) who are in the pockets of sprawling corporations.

No longer can we expect sane arguments from the Left, actually, they don’t have arguments, just doctrine. It was really strange to hear people like John Delaney and Rahm Emanuel, who USED to be considered extreme leftists a few years back, and it’s like “Man, I may disagree with these people but they seem relatively reasonable.”

Now, we have the Bolsheveki resurgence in the Democratic Party, demanding the dissolution of all opposing parties and institutions that threaten their path to power. If this continues, then we can surely say that it wasn’t the United States and democracy (really, a more accurate term would be constitutional republicanism which is by far more superior) that won the Cold War.

Jacob Williams,


P.S. If one is not Christian, then you are a non-believer. There is no such thing as “in-between.”


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