‘Enjoy your feast’

Dear Editor,

Trump is absolutely correct about his criticism of these cities. After using 2 different search venues, each proved everything he said about the liberals ownership of these disastrous cities. Governors, members of Congress, Mayors, & local politicians are all Democratic — Socialist liberals turning sanctuary cities into lawless, homeless, disease-infested, & rat-infested gathering areas while welcoming anyone from anywhere in the world to walk right in & sit right down at America’s free Restaurant. They will do anything for votes, including giving away our country.

Trump criticized AOC plus 3 and Elijah Cummings for their political policies not their gender, race, religion, or any other ISM. Our coastal cities have almost been destroyed by the Democratic politicians, while these same politicians have become multi-millionaires.

“Lucy, you have some splaining to do.”

Most great civilizations have decayed from within, combined with external influences. Insanity seems to be the cancer at work today in this attempt to overthrow our country. The lies that have been told about our POTUS combined with the names he has been called since he announced his candidacy have all been proven to be false & would never have been tolerated had they been said about anyone opposed to Trump, which is exactly how his opponents have been behaving & what they should be called.

The Last Supper of the left has begun. They are now beginning to consume each other by treating their fellow candidates the same way they have been treating Trump. Anything goes to win! PC political cannibalism seems to be their solution. They are even criticizing Obama the Magnificant to destroy Biden; he will do that himself.

Enjoy your feast,

God bless Trump & America,

Love it or leave it,

Jeffrey L. Carlson,


PS. Any illegal immigrants seeking citizenship legally are welcome & I volunteer to help you as I am helping friends of mine who need help presently, however, illegal immigrants not seeking citizenship the same way our ancestors did since our country was founded, I have just this to say … Build the wall & deport them all!