Dear Editor,

I need a little help in understanding the economy! I keep hearing from Donnie supporters and him that the economy is the greatest ever, stock markets the highest ever, (which is true by the way, a rare moment from him based in fact for a change!) Black unemployment and Latino is at an all-time low he says. Greatest tax break in history he also says, there is nothing that is not the greatest in history according to him. Then someone explains why the treasury needs to borrow 433 billion dollars just for this quarter to keep this pathetic government running?

Let’s see, 1.195 trillion dollars borrowed in 2018 and projected 1.27 billion to be borrowed this year. If all this greatest of all times crap is true then perhaps we should be lowering the debt not increasing it, or maybe the tax cut really did go to Donald and his friends at the cost to the rest of us taxpayers.

Anyway, there seems to be something corrupt going on somewhere, with the enabling help of Republicans in Washington who have lost their moral values and their vow to protect the constitution.

Jack Landers USN,