Come together

Dear Editor,

I keep pondering the senseless shootings of this past weekend. I know there are strong reasons among our friends as to why our nation does not deserve gun control. But, I cannot help but feel there are overwhelming similarities among one another — not just the way we look or talk, but our common humanity and shared capacity of love.

Once we understand this, the borders that separate us on gun control blur and become less important and certainly not dictating how we behave with our fellow human beings.

I realize there is hope! Not all is lost to division or the lust for power. We can progress, we can rise above the lines that separate. We can explore the capacity for caring, sharing, and tolerance in a safe environment for all.

Call your Representatives, call your Senators, and ask them to come together in session to create change. Call your city and state leaders — ask for change.

Can the number of reasons that divide us be as strong and as many as the lives that have been lost in these mass killings these past years?

Forward together,

Doug Hearn,