Dear Editor,

El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH, are the latest gun-related tragedies for our society. Not only is it a national tragedy, it’s a national disgrace. Innocent people who were enjoying their lives were KILLED and injured. Their families and loved ones are suffering, not only today but until they heal. (If and when that occurs.)

The President, Congress, and the NRA have a habit of dismissing these outrageous occurrences with a total loss of their vocal cords, except to say we’re sorry. Sorry is a cowardly response. Policies and procedures are required.

I support the Right To Bear Arms, HOWEVER, it’s time to strengthen our gun laws, and prohibit military-type weapons for the general public. They belong with the military and law enforcement agencies.

Now, God forbid, if a gunman were to kill a dozen or so the United States of America, or State Senators, Congressmen and members of their families, the outrage would be heard from “sea to shining sea”; and despite the NRAs’ superego, reasonable firearm laws would be enacted. Unfortunately, votes to stay in office supersede the lives of our cherished sisters and brothers for positive change. WAKE UP AMERICA, and vote to make us more secure from this gun-related mess. Any elected politician who values his ELECTED term in office rather than the welfare of all of us is not worthy to represent you and I.


M.J. Shanshala,