A walkable city

Dear Editor,

I was walking last night and my path took me past the Crary Art Gallery. Along Sixth, the sidewalk has been replaced. It is a great-looking sidewalk that the Crary has had installed; it is easy to navigate and will add an extra assurance of safety to its patrons.

I am thankful Warren is a walkable city. I take walking around our city for granted. Our bodies weren’t designed to sit all day. In fact, long periods of sitting have been linked to problems with our muscles, bones, and even brain function. In a culture where work often consumes our lives, it’s no surprise that one of the most common excuses for avoiding exercise is, “I don’t have time.” We wake up, get ready, drive to work, drive home, and then take care of the rest of our chores. Where does exercise fit into our responsibilities?

Imagine living in a city where you are able to walk to work, school, and other activities.

Instead of carving out extra time reserved for exercise, walkable cities allow us to incorporate physical activity into routine parts of our day that already exist. It’s no surprise that walkable towns have a lower incidence of obesity and diabetes.

Consider the benefits of a walkable community.

In the Experience Warren — A Strategic Plan for Our Downtown report, written in October 2017, it talks about enhanced walkability. The report states, “people need to feel safe, welcomed and comfortable in their walkable environment, and destinations need to be convenient and pathways connected.”

I support safe sidewalks for all, in all areas of our city. I seek sidewalks that are safe for our seniors to navigate. I ask all to take an interest in sidewalks that are safe, clean and easy to walk.

The result will be a walkable Warren for all.

Forward together,

Doug Hearn,



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