State road work

Dear Editor,

I am writing this to ask about the state road work in this area? The state comes in and starts work on Pa. Ave. Then they leave it for about a month and we have to put up with all of the big bumps at the intersections. They did come back and fix some of them. Then I see in the news where they are going to start work on Market Street? Is this job going to end up the same way as the Pa. Ave. work has? How can they start on Market Street when they have not finished Pa. Ave.? It makes no sense at all. And what happened to all of the city streets that were to be paved this year? Why do they wait so long? It was in the news that they started taking bids in May. Did they ever think of doing the bidding process in Jan. or Feb. so that they could start paving in May? I do not understand this either.

Barry Keller,



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