Readers Speak

Humanitarian emergency

Celebrating freedom on Independence Day seems like an affront to the deplorable detention happening on our southern U.S. border!

If it were a natural disaster like a forest fire or hurricane approaching we would establish safe and secure locations for people – with beds, food, water, medical attention and respect given to those relocated.

Why are we treating people lawfully seeking asylum from violence, poverty, drug cartels and lack of life-sustaining jobs in overcrowded, unhealthy, demeaning conditions for weeks and months?

Why are we not enhancing the government personnel who interview and process the immigrants to follow the law of asylum-seeking in America? Many have relatives to go to in this country until their hearing.

Why are our leaders in Washington silent or powerless to activate this action and address this HUMANITARIAN EMERGENCY?? Why is a person in the White House permitting and encouraging it?

The Japanese internment camps provided beds, food, water, medical attention and access to the outdoors. American prisoners and persons jailed receive decent treatment as well.

Possible Solutions: People with government clearances could be situated at public schools (closed for the summer) to process and expedite their cases and have secure living conditions while waiting. Credentialed faith leaders of churches, synagogues and mosques could open their auditorium doors to house the immigrants during processing. Homeland Security could set up safe locations while a priority is given to processing the asylum seekers and reuniting them with family and people waiting for them in the USA. The Red Cross or Salvation Army could rush to establish safe havens for these people in need as they do for people left homeless after a fire.

I would rather pay US tax dollars to houses of faith or the Red Cross rather than $700 plus to private companies maltreating this vulnerable population.

Help erase this stain on America Monday when your government representatives return from 4th of July break and call, send a postcard or email US Senators Toomey

202-224-4254, Casey 202-224-6324 and Congresspersons Glenn Thompson

202-225-5121 or Mike Kelly 202-225-5406 to activate immediate common sense solutions to this devastating situation.

People purporting to be pro-life or Christian in our nation do not treat human beings in this manner.


Karen Davis

Warren, PA