On property taxes

Dear Editor,

This dreaded time of the year is upon us when property tax bills will be going out. This robs a lot of people of their savings accounts. It also causes a lot of people to lose their homes because of the high taxes. The school district allows people to pay them in installments but the city of Warren does not. I think that the city had better start allowing installments also. Many people just do not have the funds to pay this all at one time. Isn’t the city government supposed to be working for the benefit of the people? This policy sure does hurt a lot of people.

One other thing in regard to these taxes. There has been a bill created that would be a tremendous help to our citizens. Ever notice that they never vote on this? Also, the law states that income can only come from property taxes. Who made up this stupid law? They should be able to get income from whatever source they can get it. I have written before about this and no one acts to repeal this law. If Warren Gives can raise $400,000 in one day, then some of these fundraising methods should be employed to raise revenues for our taxing bodies. It does prove to be effective. This should be a top priority in our local government but they do not seem to think so. I have asked why Kathy Rapp does not pursue this but we hear nothing. Property tax reform needs to happen now! Why isn’t it? Again, our citizens get screwed.

Barry Keller,