Let arts grow

Dear Editor,

Thursday evening, the Warren Philharmonic and the Warren County Summer Music Program performed an exceptional community concert. This free outdoor concert brought out neighbors and friends to experience the charm of Warren and the pride we have in our community. There’s just something about a shared love for the Warren Philharmonic that brings people together like nothing else. Going to concerts can be a deeply personal and emotional experience, and those wonderful moments of vulnerability make friendships stronger.

The performing and visual arts events in our region are a bonding experience, and bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together peacefully. No matter where you come from, once you walk into a regional arts venue you know everyone surrounding you is there for the same reason — the feeling of connection is overwhelming. You just can’t get that same feeling in many other places.

I suggest that the city of Warren is the beacon for the visual and performing arts not only for Warren County but for the entire region. May we nurture, promote, and build upon this culture we have in our community.

Forward Together,

Doug Hearn,