June 20 flooding

Dear Editor,

On June 20, during the major flooding on Second Street, three guys from the Youngsville Fire Department showed up in time to save my structure and totally-flooded basement. Those guys were a life-saver for us and it moved me so much that I donated my brand-new Honda powered semi-trash pump that only had 15 minutes run time on it. I included the intake hose, output hose, washers, and the surrounding structure I put on the pump that makes it roll around like a wheelbarrow. There was no question it would be better in their hands than mine.

Those guys stayed until the last drop of water was out, that their pump intake could handle, and I tended the rest with my sump pump for three days. There must have been, at one time, just under a foot of water right in the middle of Second Street. Neighbors I talked with had between three and four feet in their basements. I was so frantic I never got their names but I’m sure they know who they are and how grateful we were. That date was my wife’s birthday, so I’m sure she’ll remember it, too.

The next time they solicit funds, you can bet I’ll recall that horrible night as we’ve not had one like it for nearly 30 years.

Dennis Corey,