Humanitarian emergency?

The emergency is fostered by the liberals. Violence, poverty, drug cartels, lack of jobs are not listed reasons to seek asylum. 90% of asylum seekers do not show up for their hearings. There are 733k pending cases backlogged 2 years. Of 73k cases heard in 2016, only 20k were granted asylum. The liberals cry: do more! The bill to the taxpayers is $116 billion annually.

The writer asks churches to do more. Good idea. She should foot the bill with her donations until illegals can be deported according to law. I do not want to promote the breaking of US laws with my tax dollars.

If we follow our laws, the emergency at the border will disappear. We have room for those granted asylum. If persons want to immigrate, we have rules that must be followed. Get in line. Swarming the border with intentionally false reasons for asylum must be stopped. That is breaking our laws.

Dan Reiff

Warren, PA