Dear Editor,

(A blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker humans.)

“I’m agnostic, pro-choice and not a vet.”

I’m told that we’re not born with racism, so that must mean bullies aren’t born bullies. Does that mean we are products of our environment!

When we were in school at the playground, dances or just out (nowadays would be at a mall) humans (male and female) that made fun of, insulting, belittling, plays mean tricks (etc.) personally speaking, just in little old Warren, PA (or any town USA) my fears stopped me from stopping these Trump type humans. Learner disability, overweight, humans with acne problems or any other noticeable skin problems.

Even physically handicapped, poor humans that didn’t have nice clothes or some were not clean. I remember one of the times in the cafeteria, a human was too poor to buy or bring food. Males and females would laugh at them then eat something in front of them. Put stuff in lockers for a prank. Set humans up to get laughed at. The ones who followed to be part of a crowd that did the laughing. They are followers, like Trumpsters of today.

Bullies are of Trump mentality, they stick together. Loyal Republicans that sense that all is wrong, Trump Christians who support this POS, have no shame, bullies all the same.

Example, sure this happens out there, Trumpster parents were called to the school, they sat down with the principal. The principal explained to them that their child would be suspended for a week. The principal told the parents that their child made fun of and mocked a human in a wheelchair then called the teacher a horse face, your child told me you would be proud for being like the president of the United States. When the parents and child got home, they asked the child why it was said, what the child said. The child responded, said to the parents, when you watch and hear the president of the United States talk or give a speech, you always clap and cheer to what he says. All I wanted was your approval. Then you always say thank God for our great president. The parents grounded their child, took video games away and their phone (do as I say not as I do).

Dan Tomassoni

P.S. Trump training videos will be ready soon. They’re on how to teach your children to be model American Patriots. They will be for sale soon on the GOP website (cost not being revealed, will be billed). They will only be available to conservatives only (for Liberals can’t be model American Patriots). I’ve posted and asked many times, would you Trumpsters allow your children to watch and listen and read all of what your POS has done?

(Not one response.)