Trump’s 2020 platform?

Dear Editor,

So let’s take a look at just a few issues which Mr. Trump probably won’t be focusing on in his efforts to rally enough voters to win re-election in 2020.

A relentless disregard for truth and facts, with over 10,000 documented and demonstrably false statements over the course of his presidency thus far as compiled by The Washington Post.

Over 20 credible accusations of sexual assault.

A consistent disregard for existing laws and norms, reflecting a clear underlying belief that he is above the law.

Embracing brutal dictators around the world while alienating America’s allies.

Using his presidency to reap significant financial rewards for himself and his family, with the rampant corruption evident throughout his administration resulting in numerous cabinet members having been forced to resign.

Welcoming and even inviting Russia’s efforts to aid him in getting elected in 2016, while recently stating that he would welcome such efforts by foreign powers in 2020.

Ten clear instances of obstruction of justice described in the Mueller report, with over 1,000 former federal prosecutors stating that charges would be brought him except for the DOJ policy granting a sitting president immunity from federal indictments.

Blocking all efforts by Congress to fulfill their constitutionally-mandated oversight responsibilities as a co-equal branch of government and a vital check and balance on the executive branch.

Unimaginably cruel and inhumane treatment of immigrant families and children at our southern border.

An increase in hate crimes along with the rise of various white nationalist organizations, whose leaders believe that he endorses, shares and supports their views.

Spiteful attacks on anyone who criticizes , questions, or does not adequately praise him, including Gold Star families, the FBI, the Department of Justice, America’s free press (whom he likes to refer to as “the enemy of the people,” a favorite tactic of dictators around the world), the intelligence community, and political rivals, paired with a willingness to weaponize the presidential powers available to him to threaten and punish those whom he feels have slighted him.

A pattern of bluster and brinksmanship in terms of foreign relations, raising risks of unnecessary conflicts and war.

An extraordinarily high need for praise and adoration, a profound lack of empathy for others (not to mention compassion, kindness, and basic human decency), an inability to accept responsibility for his actions and their consequences (always blaming others), his frequent statements that he is “the best” and “the greatest” in so many ways, and knows more about pretty much everything than anyone else – and a vast range of other features reflecting an deep underlying narcissism and insatiable hunger for power.

Of course he will claim credit for the economy doing reasonably well (at least for the wealthy), but will likely not talk about his ongoing efforts to undermine our nation’s healthcare system including Medicare, Medicaid, pre-existing conditions protections provided by what’s left of the Affordable Care Act (which his administration has progressively dismantled), and other social safety net programs such as Social Security.

Nor is he likely to mention the snowballing national debt compounded by his recent tax cuts which primarily benefitted the wealthy and the corporations.

So may we all step back a bit and look very carefully at the big picture before casting our votes in 2020, for our votes will determine the kind of nation we are choosing to become. May we choose well.

Respectfully submitted,

Dale E.Buonocore,