The nation’s issues

Dear Editor,

I wanted to comment on some of the issues confronting our nation at this time. To begin with, I think it’s dangerously naive to assume that the United States will continue to exist despite the escalating chaos inside our government and beyond. With various political factions pulling in opposite directions it’s obvious we are destroying the social, legal, and cultural fabric that has held us together for over two hundred years.

Our institutions, traditions, and founding are under withering assault every hour of every day! Our God-given freedoms paid for with the blood of countless men and women down through our history are being rejected by far too many for the deceptive promises of Socialism and Communism. Why would a free and independent people even entertain such political madness?! Perhaps this explains the vicious attacks on freedom of speech on many college campuses and in our social media. Intimidation is now an accepted tactic against those of dissenting views.

However, the malaise we find ourselves in runs deeper than radically different political agendas. Who would have thought just a few years ago, that the taking of a baby’s life after birth would be legal in several states! Does that heinous act really fall under reproductive rights?! Are we as a people that morally bankrupt?!

Regarding the problem of immigration; in the face of an appalling drug epidemic rapidly crippling our cities, the tragedy of human trafficking grossly underreported by most of our media, where terrorists can practically walk across our southern border untouched; what person in their right mind would declare it to be a “manufactured crisis?” Regardless of who occupies the White House this situation is lethal to our country!

Despite the economic boom and attempts to reassert U.S. sovereignty by this administration, we are a nation sorely divided and in Spiritual decline, unwilling or unable to move back from the moral and cultural abyss we seem determined to plunge into. For example; with the relentless attacks on traditional marriage and family, is it any wonder we are experiencing such social chaos?

Strangely enough, in the Bible, there is an account of a war in the Middle East shortly before the return of Jesus Christ. It involves a coalition of nations from the West defeating the present day regimes of Iran and Iraq — “Shock and Awe.” Not long after this confrontation, the most powerful nation in the coalition plunges into further decline. Is all this coincidence or is God trying to tell us something?!


John A. Peterson,

Chandlers Valley


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