The ‘goodies’ given to rich

Dear Editor,

In your editorial posted during the week of April 22, 2019, you refer to such Democratic proposals as eliminating student loan debt for those earning under $100,000 or Medicare for all who have no employee-based insurance (there are 30,000,000 people with no insurance; some with serious illnesses such as diabetes with no help) as “goodies”.

To your editor, I propose that the “goodies” have been afforded to those who amass many millions and billions of dollars through lobbyist sanctioned tax loopholes and outright dodges (such as our President who avoided taxation for 8 of 10 years between 1985-1994). It is estimated that trillions of tax-free dollars are being held in such tax shelters as the Cayman Islands or, corporations hide their wealth by “taking up residency” in another country to avoid U.S. taxation.

Thanks to Trump’s 2017 tax cut, heralded as the “middle-class tax cut”, 80% of these cuts went directly to the top 1% of the wealthiest households. 60% of all corporations pay not one dime in federal taxes, thus not paying one dime to help the American economy or infrastructure. (How many of you, American workers, pay not one dime in taxes?) Exxon Mobile and Amazon are on the list of “no-pay” corporations, while the latter’s CEO, Bezo, is worth over $300 Billion! Some of these corporations even get tax rebates and subsidies- commonly called corporate welfare” which is much more offensive than a “welfare queen” mooching $25,000 per year from American Taxpayers!

Since the Reagan Revolution, the middle class has shrunk and has enjoyed a mere 3% growth in net worth during this time period, whereas the top 1% has expanded its wealth by a whopping $271%! Pathetically, the combined wealth of the wealthiest 0.1% is worth more than the bottom 50% of U.S. Citizens, or over 163,000,000 people! The low and middle class just want a fair shake- laws to help them move up the ladder of success!

Wendy J. Dunn,



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