Dear Editor,

The news is that the WCSD and the County Commissioners are both looking at another tax increase due to poor spending habits, poor forecasting and the inability for each group to understand the meaning of a “Declining Tax Base.” When we see a continued decline in student enrollment in our schools at a record pace and we see all the “For Sale” signs that we see on the streets within our county, why would we want to see an increase in spending?

Oh, sure, costs rise and everyone deserves a pay raise. But what about the many on a fixed income? There are many residents over the age of 65 yrs. who are footing the bill and they are getting fed up. I’m tired of seeing the burden placed on the homeowner and property owner while a large group of individuals pay little to nothing. Township taxes vary tremendously and that bothers me, so you choose to live where you want. I have a great idea!

Instead of a property tax increase, why not create a 1% sales tax countywide so EVERYONE shares in the expenses that appear to have no end. It’s been done in other counties and just across our northern border. There has to be a way for everyone to share equally. Think about it!

Richard Lowe,



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