Tax increase?

Dear Editor,

Our school board is getting ready to vote yes or no to a property tax increase. I think that there is no question that the vote should be NO. People cannot take anymore. One of the school board members even mentioned about people living on a fixed income. Do they have no compassion for them? They even stated the 1 mill increase yields about $400,000 and that it would not even put a dent in the deficit. So why pass it?? They will just have to learn to live within their means and live with the deficit. Our citizens are expected to do this so why not them? Did any board member notice all of the sheriff sales listed in 2 different days of the newspaper? How many of these are losing their homes due to your increasing taxes??? Are they that heartless? People dread the month of August when they get hit with these.

You Democrats voted in a governor that lied to you. In his first term, he mentioned he would do tax reform. He lied. He did not. He vaguely mentioned in his 2nd term campaign and still has done nothing. So he is lying to you again. Wagner had that as a main theme of his campaign for governor.

We had better carefully interview these people that are running for commissioner to be sure that TAX INCREASE is not part of their vocabulary and make them promise that.

There is a bill before Congress to get rid of some of the property taxes. Why is that when a bill is proposed that benefits our citizens it is delayed for so long? This should be a top priority.

There is a law that states that school districts can only raise money via property taxes. Whose stupid idea was that? Another thing to hurt our citizens. This law should be repealed right away. There are lots of ways that money could be raised. Discussion on that later when they repeal this. Kathy Rapp should be on this constantly since it is such a top priority but her newsletter never mentions it. Why?

Lots of food for thought but no action. Again, NO TAX INCREASE!!!!


Barry Keller,



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