Mueller Report

Dear Editor,

What a relief! After 2-1/2 years, four separate investigations and 35 million dollars, the Mueller report is finished and know now Mr. Trump is not a Russian spy. Duh! We should be able to sleep at night now, right? All – but not Congress. No, the swamp down there must have quicksand; cuz they are sinking even lower, with the only thing left for them to do is “HATE TRUMP,” who I might add the American voters elected, REMEMBER?

I think this 35 million would have been better spent investigating Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal when she deleted e-mails, destroyed mobile devices, and servers and refused to cooperate with the FBI and does anyone REMEMBER the Benghazi attack and cover-up? Or how about “Fast & Furious” when the Obama administration had straw buyers buying guns for the drug cartels and one of these very guns was used to murder border agent Brian Terry – REMEMBER?

You try selling guns to the drug cartels or refuse to cooperate with the FBI, Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer and see where it gets you. Seems to me there are two sets of laws down at the swamp and has spread way up to Chicago, or have you forgotten already that phony hate crime? REMEMBER? And the man hours and money it cost Chicago?

In closing, what will it cost taxpayers to pay Congress two more years to “HATE TRUMP,” cuz that’s all they have done so far?


Teddy Sudul,



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