Love of money

Dear Editor,


I Timothy 6:10

“The value of my portfolio is up. The tax rate for my income bracket is down. I’m happy. I may not like the man but this man has made me a lot of money.” I suspect we all have heard these comments when discussing national affairs. Some of us may have said as much.

Trump’s domestic economic actions benefit the wealthy at the expense of the environment and our grandkids’ future. We are on a credit card spending spree. Debt accumulation is exceeding increased taxable income. Our government has a growing, major negative cash flow problem despite positive economic numbers.

Trump’s foreign/trade actions have resulted in Japan, Russia, and especially China gaining ever stronger links with America’s traditional trading partners.

Ambassadorships remain vacant in key embassies. Friendly nations and their leaders get insulted. We pull out of international agreements. Our “man who he alone can solve all problems” repeatedly demonstrates a profound ignorance of existing and proposed trade agreements and alliances.

Trump’s disregard for law and his detachment from truth coupled with the damage his administration has done to our government is unparalleled.

Where is the Conservatives’ concern about the national debt? The truth? The rare Republican legislator who does speak invariably supports Trump’s spend now-pay later policies.

They are basing their political future (their financial well being) on the credit card economy satisfying enough GOP voters to re-elect them. Recently GOP leaders rightfully balked Trump, forcing the two grossly under qualified nominees to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors to withdraw their names. The Republicans realized the nominees may well have harmed the nation’s economy. Bravo.

The GOP’s concerns with Constitutional issues involving previous Presidents are no longer concerns. Separation of Sovereign Powers and Checks and Balances be damned.

Most GOP legislators remain mute about Trump’s daily deluge of untruths. Their silence gives tacit approval for more of the same. Not speaking out – not speaking truth to power – by playing it safe for the love of a portfolio, of lower taxes, or to remain in political office – all for the LOVE OF MONEY is profoundly wrong.

Money is not the problem, it is the LOVE OF MONEY (GREED) that is the problem. Protecting our Constitution is more important than a short term inflated portfolio.

Allow the Legislative Branch to exercise its Constitutional authority and fulfill its responsibilities – allow Barr, Mueller, and McGahn to testify – and submit the requested documents to Congress.

Live up to your promise of transparency and your commitment to uphold the Constitution. Do not let GREED be your North Star.

Don Scott,



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