Corruption and lies

Dear Editor,

Not only has President Donald Trump failed to deliver on his promise to “drain the swamp,” he has actually made the situation much worse by turning Washington into a cesspool of corruption and lies. The Washington Post has recently reported that the president has lied in a public manner over 10,000 times in the past two years. The president appears to be the liar in chief. His behavior is deplorable and unacceptable and proves that he is unfit for office.

The president and his corrupt administration are systematically undermining our democracy and dismantling our system of government. He spends much of his time watching TV and tweeting about the news that he agrees with. Now we have an Attorney General who lies and can not be trusted to uphold his promise to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Why are the Republicans standing by this President? History will not be kind to them and their constituents.

I also see the President as a thief for many reasons. The most important one to me is that he has stolen from me the sense of pride that I have felt over the years in our system of government. I hope to get that back someday.


Elaine M. Wiehagen,



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