Corporate America

Dear Editor,

Wal-Mart (Corp America) keeps taking away much-needed jobs. Now they are getting rid of the cashiers. They promise them other jobs. Those jobs will eventually dissolve. Wal-Mart says “it is the future.” If the jobs keep disappearing, there will be no future as no one will have money to buy anything. It will be one big catastrophe. We will see a bigger Depression than our parents and grandparents saw.

Wal-Mart is forcing us to do things we don’t want to do. Why do we have to pay and do the work ourselves scanning and bagging taking away jobs?

Warren is a retirement town with people on a fixed income. Lost jobs, higher taxes, no money, and starvation will result in a big Depression and maybe war.

Everything spiraling out of control. It takes just one corporation to do away with jobs and all the other corporations follow like a herd of cattle. Big corporate America will be no America.


Elaine Moriarity,



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