‘Kudos’ to voting no

Dear Editor,

Poor Bob Mueller! He’d shown such promise. He could’ve made the cover of Rolling Stone and Been New York Times ‘Man of the Year.’ Alas! He blew it. How? His investigation found no evidence of collusion.

Trump haters are furious but still owe Muller some gratitude. The mainstream media, infatuated with Mueller, under-reported lowered unemployment, employee bonuses, weakening of ‘ISIS’ and the halt of North Korean missile tests.

Also, it reduced the likelihood we’d recall the real coziness between the Russians, Obama, and the Clintons. This includes, but is not limited to: Russian whining caused Obama to cancel missile defense agreement for Poland and the Czech Republic; Obama vacating his ‘red line’ threat when Assad (Russia’s ally) used chemical weapons; ‘uranium one’ deal when Hillary was secretary of state; hubby bill’s half-mission dollar speech in Russia.

It also pushed Hillary’s ’email’ actions into the rearview mirror. The suspicion remains that she avoided prosecution due to possible collusion involving Bill, Loretta Lynch (then attorney general) and Jim Comey (then FBI director using “extreme carelessness” instead of prosecutable “reckless negligence” in his summary).

Trump is without apology an ‘America First’ nationalist. Good! This renders some critics apoplectic. Bernie Sanders, Beto O’Rourke and others lie about him. Their passion far exceeds their minimal economic wisdom and logic.

The crisis at the southern border is real. Period. The issues of illegal entry include Human and drug trafficking; entry of criminals; entry of active or potential ‘MS-13 gang members; diseases spread due to avoiding ‘CDC’ screenings; overloading communities with unassimilated migrants who may, or may not, appear for their immigration court dates.

Those issues complicate the safe processing of the most innocent, who would treasure American citizenship.

Under Obama, Jeh Johnson was secretary of Homeland Security. Mark Morgan headed Border Patrol. Both recognize the very real emergency.

The left villanizes Trump for the emergency declaration. It’s time to blame those who pushed him to this point: House Democrats not compromising; House Republicans failing to use their now extinct majority; Mexico’s failure to stop the caravans; Human traffickers using children as pawns; sanctuary state California’s undermine of ‘ICE;’ District 9 judges; Incredibly flawed, masochistic asylum law.

‘Kudos’ to those voting ‘no’ on the ludicrous ‘override veto’ attempt.


Terry D. Hallock,



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