His invitation stands

Dear Editor,

“Fake news” is real and about as true as opinion pieces with false assumptions and quotes taken out of context, whether by design or misunderstanding.

The devil is also real, not a red-suited cartoon character with horns, tail, and pitchfork. The one-time son of the morning is far too clever and subtle to appear such a way going about his nefarious business.

Those whose eyes are on the ends of the earth, looking no farther to fill the emptiness in their soul, or who turn knowingly to the enemy of our souls — prince of this world — will suffer a most rude awakening.

As we battle increasing addictions of food, substances and behaviors and corruption in high — and low — places, the true word lies unopened by many, on which our justice system is based.

The Bible’s divine Author reigns, inviting us to know Him through His Son Jesus Christ and receive the Holy Spirit, our inner discerner and defense. Not “dogma,” but divine doctrine, wisdom for those who hunger, inner peace in the midst of the storm.

His invitation stands while there is yet time to cease rebelling. Time is also His decision, while He stands outside of it.


Lysbeth Farnsworth,



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