Global warming

Dear Editor,

The Today Show on NBC recently aired a series with Al Roker in Alaska discussing global warming and its effect on indigenous populations. I wondered about Mr. Roker’s qualifications to promote this theory. It turns out that Mr. Roker does not have a degree in Meteorology or any discipline related to that. According to Wikipedia, he has a degree in Communications; the art of telling a story. He has no qualifications in weather or its related effects; he has a degree in promoting a cause. Climate changes. 22,000 years ago this area was under a glacier, man in his earliest forms was not here until 10,000 years ago, obviously not causing the climate to change. There is no doubt that the climate is changing and there is no doubt that human activity is helping to cause that event. The point is one must not accept the spoken word of a celebrity, politician, or other do-gooders as gospel, often they are regurgitating the work or theory of someone else in an attractive fashion as to get the public’s attention. Just because someone in the public eye says something does not mean it is true. Do your own research and find the truth and don’t accept some story told by a person of public notoriety promoting an agenda as fact.


Lee J. Borger Jr.,