Underestimating the cunning

Dear Editor,

If you look at the map of Mexico, the path followed by the Caravan from Guatemala to San Diego is 2,700 miles. The question is why didn’t the “would-be” immigrants take the much shorter, 1,300-mile path that ended in McAllen, Texas? If they were truly seeking asylum, they could have done so in McAllen and saved themselves 1,400 miles of walking, nasty elements, and other dangers associated with such a journey. The logical answer lies in the location of the very liberal, leaning 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the San Diego area. The organizers of this mass movement of humans obviously know this. It is not a stretch then to think that these poor people were told that their best chance of a successful border crossing would be San Diego where the court will help them stay in the country.

My next question is, who are these organizers? Possibilities include liberal organizations supported by wealthy Bloomburg, Soros or Steyer. Another possibility is the Mexican Cartel. Let that sink in! The Cartel will stop at nothing to keep their drug smuggling efforts intact. We all know the crisis surrounding drug addiction in the USA. That means billions to these Cartels who will do anything to sneak their products over the border. Imagine the quantity of drugs that could cross with thousands of people rushing the border all at once overwhelming the border patrol. If this invasion succeeds, there will be more Caravans.

Now, consider this… Suppose the Cartel takes this or the next caravan and divides the group up into many pods with a leader (cell phone in hand) to shepherd each pod to a different area near but not on the border. Once all pods are in place, the word goes out to sneak up to the border in the middle of the night and rush the border all at once. Could the Border Patrol defend the border? No!! Why? Because there is no physical barrier to slow them down. If you think the Cartel isn’t thinking of doing the above, you are underestimating their cunning and motivation.

Joanne Oviatt,