Our GOP ‘friends’

Dear Editor,

Our GOP “friends” intend to attempt to balance the budget, by making large cuts to entitlement programs, including Medicare and Social Security, even though the nation’s growing indebtedness has been exacerbated by the GOP’s own policy decisions — including the new tax law, which most analyses say will add at least $1 trillion to the debt level.

So to try to mitigate their own doing in growing the debt ceiling, the GOP’s budget plan proposes to squeeze $537 billion out of Medicare over the next decade.

Take note if you are 55 or older, $537 BILLION in ten years-gone.

Social Security comes in for more modest cuts of $4 billion over the same decade.

“The 2019 Republican budget scraps any sense of responsibility to the American people and any obligation to being honest,” said Rep. John Yarmuth (Ky.), the top Democrat on the Budget Committee. “Its repeal of the Affordable Care Act and extreme cuts to health care, retirement security, anti-poverty programs, education, infrastructure, and other critical investments are real and will inflict serious harm on American families.”

Now granted that is a quote from a Democrat.

But examine the particulars. Health care, I need that. Retirement security, thought I earned that. Education, most people believe an informed populace is good for all. Infrastructure, another campaign promise forgotten.

Oh, and this just in……..

The U.S. Senate on Monday voted to give the military $716 billion for 2019, approving one of the biggest defense budgets in modern American history despite concerns from some economists and lawmakers about the rapidly rising federal deficit.

The 2019 military budget, approved by an overwhelming 85 to 10 margin, gives America’s armed forces a substantial $82 billion increase from 2017.

Thanks, “friends,”


Scott R. Blume,



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