Eliminate divisiveness

Dear Editor,

For those of you who cringe when you hear the word consolidate and want to keep your mascots, bands, sports teams, colors, etc., here’s a proposal that would rid the county of regional divisiveness and eliminate the need to consolidate.

Dissolve the Warren County School District and create districts for the current attendance areas — Warren Area School District, Sheffield Area School District, Youngsville Area School District (Tidioute Charter School would fall here), and Eisenhower Area School District.

Each district would have its own board of directors that can focus on the needs and wants of their particular areas. This would relieve the divisiveness throughout the county. Property taxes would be set by the respective area boards and distributed to the specific areas for their respective boards to do as they please. This would be no different than how Erie County (twice the size and nearly seven times the population of Warren County) is set up. Corry has its own district. Union City, Wattsburg, General McLane (Edinboro/McKean), Northwestern (Albion), City of Erie, Ft. LeBoeuf (Waterford), they all have their own respective districts.

If this model was created and followed, everyone would be able to have their mascots, maintain their buildings, and elect board members based on what they feel they need to have in their respective district instead of holding the county hostage for the benefit of one attendance area, as some people see it.

Jeremy M. Wyman,



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