Shale tax

Dear Editor,

We are still borrowing money for our budget. This has to come to an end. Mr Wolf wants an extraction tax on natural gas being we are the ONLY state that does not have one. Kathy and her cronies say the shale companies will leave, why do they remain everywhere else if that is the case. Perhaps 60 million dollars in lobying for Kathy and her gang might have played a small role in that We should all be outraged as that gas is mostly leaving our state and we all know the shale companies will pass on the tax on to the consumer which is not us so let other states pay for our budget and school districts property taxes. And if Kathy and her friends are right and they leave (never happen), I have a novel idea. Pay local drillers to do the drilling,employing Pennsylvanians not Texans or people from Oklahoma or wherever and put all the profits in the state coffers. We all save and Kathy and her buddies can keep their cush jobs and perks and retirement. If not get her and her friends out of office and get people in office who want to help us taxpayers. Also, how is it that we have no budget but Kathy and the other great Republicans get all these long recesses? Time to shake up our representation, I hope Cindy Morrison runs next election, got my vote today.

Jack W. Landers,



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