Dear Editor,

I was walking home from the library early this afternoon (10/12) when I heard all kinds of sirens coming toward me. I had just crossed the Fifth Ave. Bridge, and saw a fire truck, and many ambulances and police cars heading north on Conewango Ave. They were stopping in front of Calvary Baptist Church where I attend, and I was curious to see what had happened. There was a two-car accident in which two women were involved, one needing to be star-flighted to I presume a hospital in Erie. Praying for the victim, I thank the Lord that our parking lot was able to accomodate a helicopter. As I watched the whole process, I was so grateful for all of our firemen, policemen, and other first responders we have here in Warren. They all did a most wonderful job, and I was able to thank a few of them in person.

May we never take these brave men and women for granted, for I would hate to think what we would do without them.

P.S. They did a great job when I needed them for my wife last November.


Thomas Clark,



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