The GOP Healthcare Plan

Dear Editor,

The Senate Health Care Bill, which was drafted by Senate Republicans (including our own Republican Senator, Pat Toomey) in secret and finally made public yesterday (Thursday, 6/22) — and which the Republicans are trying to vote upon and enact as quickly as possible (perhaps even next week), seemingly with the intent of getting it passed before the public can get a clear understanding of its full impact — will, among other severe cuts in our nation’s healthcare system, perhaps most significantly decimate Medicaid.

This is the program which serves to provide healthcare to our nation’s most vulnerable citizens, including millions of children, disabled individuals, and seniors in nursing homes. It is also worth noting that during his campaign Mr. Trump definitively promised that he would not cut this program. And where would the resulting hundreds of billions of dollars in short-term “savings” go? For massive tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy.

What kind of a nation would even consider doing such a thing? This bill is ruthlessly cruel and appallingly shameful. Is this how what is supposedly one of the most developed countries in the world takes care of its neediest citizens? Enacting a bill such as this would be a tragic and dark stain on our great nation, a moral disgrace of unfathomable proportions.

I can only hope that enough members of the GOP can see their way to putting misplaced party loyalty aside and doing the obviously right thing for the nation they were elected to serve before this dreadful bill becomes law.

Respectfully submitted,

Dale E. Buonocore,



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