Family values

They hung their heads and with great emotion they voted: Impeach. President Clinton did have relations with that woman Mizz Lewinski. And he lied about it to boot.

Our Judeo-Christian values were at risk. A constitutional crisis of the greatest magnitude.

To the rescue came these noble Americans.

Thrice married Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich admitted to an affair with a congressional aide at the very time of the impeachment hearings.

Rep. Bob Livingston, Gingrich’s projected replacement for House Speaker, declined the post admitting extramarital relations. Four women named him.

Rep. Dennis Hastert did become House Speaker, successfully hiding his past history of molesting young boys on his wrestling team.

South Carolina Governor Marc Sanford was reported AWOL on the Appalachian Trail only to be found in South America with his sweetie, not his wife. Impeached? Heck no. He was elected to Congress.

Donald Trump told Howard Stern he had a rough decade, the 1990’s, trying to avoid venereal diseases — his personal Vietnam he called it. This “veteran” was elected President.

And now Montanan Greg Gianforte body slams a reporter and is promptly elected to the House of Representatives.

Now that is some serious protection of family values.

James Spangler, OD,



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