Unhappy fisherman

Dear Editor,

Well I guess there will be fishing this year at Chapman Dam Lake. I know repairs have to be made at times to everything. They have fixed up the park in many ways, including the campground.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they put some small cut-down pine trees, drainage tiles and blocks in the lake before refilling it. These could be used as refuge and possibly nesting places for fish.

Maybe sunfish, bluegills, perch, crappie, bass, catfish and other panfish, so children would have some fish to catch besides the couple hundred trout they put in each year?

Well, leaving the parking lot at the dam last year, I see a gate on the other side of the road with a lock on it. It looks like a trail there. Oh, that is the driveway to the two cottages that are back therre. The owners were told they were no longer allowed to use it. They would have to rebuild the bridge near the house that the state owns, one-quarter mile downstream from the dam. There they have a right-of-way to get to their cottages. A nice bridge was built.

I asked the owners if I could park on the lane going to the bridge when they were not there. I was told, sure, you can fish all you want to, because we don’t fish. I said great, because I fish there a lot.

But now I look and there is sticks with bailing and twine tied across along creek with no trespassing and no fishing signs.

Apparently Mr. Park Ranger and Mr. Fish Warden decided they could do that, because Mr. Park Ranger rents that house and didn’t want a muddy path in their yard. Which would only be a monthbecause we only put fish in twice, someplaces only once.

But isn’t this property that Mr. Park Ranger rents from us? Tax payers in Pennsylvania who own the property?

He said, I pay rent for this property, so I can do what I want (duh) agreed to by Mr. Fish Warden.

I was told I could not park on the right-of-way because it was not my right-of-way only people who own the cottages.

Well I guess it does not matter that I am a Pennsylvania taxpayer and given permission by property owners who us this right-of-way.

Well back to the muddy path. Could the state either put limestone down for pathway or some sidewalk stones for the fishermen, women and children to use without leaving a muddy path?

I am just writing this to let the public know about our state property that is being regulated by two people that we employ from our taxes and our fishing licenses.

Thank you for taking time to read this and welcome to Warren County Pennsylvania the land of the free?

Bill Shrum

Worthington, Pa.

An unhappy taxpayer and fisherman in Pa.


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