Education system

Dear Editor,

Recently the local news outlets have reported on School Districts having difficulty balancing their budgets, or having a shortage of substitute teachers.

I feel it’s time we move our education system into the 21st century, think outside the box as some would say, and move education to cyber schooling, all done at home on a computer.

The State could buy each student a new computer each year if need be, and furnish schooling or lessons via cyber. All students in the State would be taught with the same lesson plan, those that have a higher IQ or understanding could advance faster without waiting for those that can’t or are less inclined.

The monetary advantages of this system would be, but not limited to, no brick and mortar buildings, no salaries, no health insurance, no pensions, no busing, no ” Go Buckets “, no sports expenses. Also there would be no concern about class ranking, no concerns about threats made to the district, and no teacher union influence on government / elections.

What private industry could produce product for only 180 days a year, have any inferior product, and still be doing business. Today you would be hard pressed to find a successful farmer that would be willing to trade in his tractor and go back to the original horse power, because it’s called progress, a better and more efficient way to do things.

Don’t you think it’s time we have a drastic change in our education system ?

A tired school tax payer,

Dale G. Forbes

Spring Creek


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