Veterans Tribute

Dear editor:

I would like to echo the comments made by Gary Mickle about the upcoming event. I find it unimaginable that the County that “has more Veterans per capita than any County in the Commonwealth” would limit in any way a tribute that they would make to their own Veterans. I am sure that the Brave Men and Women who now serve and who have served in our Nations Armed Forces would ever consider the thought of limiting the number of Americans that they were willing to make such great sacrifices for.

Presenting the stories of 8 Medal of Honor recipients to the community in conjunction with this tribute is wonderful. The Medal of Honor is the highest Military Honor that this country presents for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. It has only been presented 3,493 times since its creation in 1861 of these only 378 have been presented to Pennsylvanians. It would be nice if the County that “has more Veterans per capita than any County in the Commonwealth” might at this same time make the community aware of the fact and pay tribute to John Gary Gertsch, the only Warren County resident to be presented the Medal of Honor or does his memory fall outside of the first 500 Veterans who might attend the evenings events.

Richard McCorrison

Vietnam Veteran

Veterans’ tribute

Dear editor:

I am very excited about the upcoming Veteran’s Celebration. I am also excited that Struther’s Library Theatre is presenting “Beyond Glory” and that Warren will host a downtown tribute of its own.

As a veteran of 26 years of active service, I believe I speak for all veterans in saying we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I believe I also speak for all veterans when I say that we do not require nor do we expect to be given “mementos” for our service. However, since Warren County has chosen to honor the men and women who have given their service, dedication, and for some, far more than anyone should ever have to give, I find it disappointing that mementos will be given ONLY up to the first 500 veterans!

This is an insult to those who simply cannot arrive early enough to be counted among those first 500. You should re-think your decision in this issue and either present the memento to all veterans or give it to none!

Gary Mickle



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