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Overboard on positives

Dear Editor,

I hope everyone realizes that positive tests and symptomatic cases are two different things. Having a kid in school with a positive test should not really be that alarming. Many times a child gets quarantined because they were around an asymptomatic individual who simply had a positive test. So you could have an asymptomatic kid go to school who was simply around another asymptomatic kid and just because they throw a positive test they and all their friends get put on house arrest.

The problem is that we assume a positive test means you are sick.The positive test only means a nasal swab up your nose detected Covid. It does not mean that you are or will be infected. Additionally it has been proven that asymptomatic spread is either non existent or nearly non existent. There are citable studies showing that to be the case.

Think about it this way. If you put seeds on concrete they won’t grow. If you put them on soil, they may grow. Well, that COVID on the nasal swab is in no way guaranteed to have made it to the cells that harbor an infection. When you couple that with the understanding that asymptomatic spread Is a fallacy, then you can see how crazy and unnecessary the mass quarantining has been.

Therein lies the lunacy. If you keep testing asymptomatic individuals you will have asymptomatic positives. If you quarantine everyone who is a stones throw to these individuals you really just made a bunch of people stay home for no reason.

Dr. Robert J. Gatto Jr.,



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