Rosemarie (Hennessy)Fulgenzi

On June 3, 2022, our beloved sister, Rosemarie lost her battle with kidney failure. Fran Hubbard and Robert A. (Joyce)

Hennessy will miss her so much.

Rosie was preceded in death by her mother, Genevieve Hennessy on Rosie’s birthday, June 18, 2012; her father, Robert L. Hennessy, on April 21, 2016; and her brother-in-law, Gail Hubbard in February. 2016.

Rosie enjoyed her life. She loved riding her motorcycle with Dar and Red and all the others in her bike group. She was always ready to go and she was game for anything that life threw at her.

She loved her friends. If Rosie was your friend you knew it. She loved talking to her friends in Penna., even though she was living in Florida. Some of her friends that she graduated high school with, like Sandy.

Rosie also loved to go shopping, even if she didn’t buy anything. She was fine just going somewhere with someone she liked.

Rosie was one of the kindest most forgiving person we’ve ever known, she will be missed so much.