Thompson highlights effect of inflation on Pa. households

Congressman Glenn Thompson is using a Joint Economic Committee report on inflation in Pennsylvania to blast the “poor economic policies and out of control spending” of the Biden administration.

Republicans on the Congressional Joint Economic Committee released a report showing that the average household in Pennsylvania is paying $914 per month for the same slate of goods as services compared to Jan. 2021.

“As expected, the report is concerning for hardworking Pennsylvanians who, like so many Americans, are feeling the pinch of skyrocketing costs on everyday goods and services,” Thompson said in a recent newsletter.

The data is based on Consumer Price Index data and indicates that the average household has spent $20,591 more due to inflation since Jan. 2021.

The “cumulative inflation” rate for Pennsylvania is 17.5 percent since Jan. 2021, 2.3 percent less than the national rate.

“Compared to one year earlier, the average Pennsylvania households needs to spend $220 more

per month to maintain the same standard of living,” the report concluded.

The report indicates the average household is spending $192 more on food per month, $192 on shelter and $88 on energy.

“The average household in Pennsylvania has spent $3,033 more on energy costs, $3,358 more on housing costs, and $3,115 more on groceries since President Biden took office,” Thompson added.

“Inflation is a tax on all Americans, and this tax is not inevitable but the direct result of poor economic policies and out of control spending,” he continued. “I will continue supporting fiscally responsible policies that allow Americans to keep more of their hard-earned dollars.”


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