Reward Day at St. Joseph Catholic School include activities for every interest

St. Joseph Catholic School is proud to reward students for their positive, respectful, and helpful behavior, fostering a supportive and fun school environment.

St. Joseph Catholic School had a new program this year aimed at giving its students quarterly reward days.

The reward days, held near the end of each nine weeks, include fun, relaxing, and enjoyable activities for the students. Last week, St. Joe’s held its final reward day for the school year, and it was a hit.

By far, the students were most excited about outdoor water play, which included squirt guns, water balloons, and socks. Yes, socks!

Judi. Danielson, St. Joseph technology and HEED teacher, brought a fun and creative activity: dunking socks in water and throwing them against the outside wall. In addition to water play, there were movies, painting, creating in the STEM lab, board games, and more.

Joseph Glarner, a St. Joseph music teacher, held a gardening/planting group activity, during which the students learned about planting food and flowers. They took seeds and bulbs home to plant.

Students choose reward day activities based on seniority and their preference.

“It is our way of saying thank you to the students for their hard work, respect, and accountability,” said Carrie Pearson, school principal.


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