Impressive Numbers: Beaty students compete in math competition

Photo provided to the Times Observer The following fifth-graders recently participated in the spring version of the Noetic math competition: Front, Theo Bunce, Ashlynn Zawacki, Allyx Hoden, Kaylee Gray, Gabby Bigelow and Catherine Ozepy; middle, Riley Anderson, Juliette Bañuelos, Delta Richardson, Chloe Vanord, Jared Tyler and Jackson Warner and, back, Emily Cotton, Alexandra Hallas, Paizlee Bevil, Paiton Jones, Aiyanna Nowacki, Liliana Sandagata, Faith Stewart. Missing from the photo are Sasha Kosmina and Madison Bussoletti.

Nearly 40,000 students participated in the National Noetic Math Competition this spring.

Just 4,355 – the top 10 percent – made the National Honor Roll.

Just one – Beaty-Warren Middle School fifth-grader Jackson Warner – can claim a space on that roll in Warren County.

“The Noetic Competition is hard but a lot of fun,” Warner said. “Being in the top 10% again made me feel great.”

“I just think this is an amazing accomplishment for Jackson,” Brown said, noting that Warner made the National Honor Roll back in the fall as well as in fourth grade.

Photo provided to the Times Observer The following sixth-graders recently participated in the spring version of the Noetic math competition:, Front, Ella Sorvelli, Carly Olsen, Ashton Carrington, Oliver Drescher, Caleb Fralick, Anna Dysinger and Ainsley Schuler; middle, Blake Peterson, Nina Woldt, Delaney Moore, Trent Miles, Colton Hagg, Rory McBriar and Ellise Wilson and, back, Taylor Swanson, Savea Lauffenburger, Jensen Elletson, Hunter Briggs, Wyatt Amoroso, Kaylee Arnold, Owen Damcott and Ryan Hillard.

Brown said that Beaty students in fifth through eighth grade participated in the spring.

“We want to congratulate all of the students who participated,” she said. “This is a challenging math contest and every problem solved by our students represents an accomplishment.”

To give you a sense for the kind of work this requires, sample sixth grade problems from the Noetic site include calculating prime numbers variants, calculating area for irregular shapes and the dreaded word problem.

“Students had to apply their problem-solving skills and math concepts learned in the classroom to solve twenty creative math problems independently,” she said.

In addition to the National Honor Roll, the top 50% of students are named “National Honorable Mention” while each class has a team winner.

Photo provided to the Times Observer Beaty-Warren Middle School fifth-grader Jackson Warner made the National Honor Roll in the spring version of the Noetic math competition. The National Honor Roll is reserved for the top 10 percent of participants. Over 39,000 participated nationwide.

Warner was fifth grade while Aiyanna Nowacki, Caterine Ozepy and Liliana Sandagata made honorable mention.

In sixth grade, the team winner was a tie between Ashton Carrington and Owen Damcott while the following students made honorable mention: Carrington, Damcott, Caleb Fralick, Blake Peterson, Rory McBriar, Delaney Moore and Ellise Wilson.

“I didn’t think I would do that well and I was pretty surprised,” Damcott said. “I would do it again if I had the opportunity.”

“Intelligence doesn’t just happen,” Carrington added. “You need to work for it and it will pay off.”

For seventh grade, team winner was Mason Warner, who also made honorable mention along with Isaac Zapel.

“Some of the questions were really easy and some were really hard,” Warner said, “but it was a lot of fun.”

In eighth grade, team winner was Evan Tidrick while Tidrick was joined by Bryce Grolemund for honorable mention.

“I managed to answer every question the best I could and felt very confident,” Tidrick said. “I had a lot of fun in the competition mostly because I enjoy math.”


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