‘Awesome experience’

Nearly 200 hikers tackled A-100 last weekend

Photo provided to the Times Observer Lori Tillman, Amylynn Delgato and Cecelia Peterson completed 25 miles during the A-100 Challenge last weekend.

Nearly 200 hikers took part in the Allegheny-100 Hiking Challenge last weekend.

Sponsored by the ANF Chapter of the North Country Trail Association, the event this year drew hikers from as far as Colorado, Texas and Florida.

“The A-100 is an unsupported endurance hiking challenge with no timekeepers, no aid stations, and no finish line other than the one hikers set for themselves,” Tina Toole explained.

The event runs on the 100 miles of the National Scenic Trail on the ANF.

Hikers get to pick their challenge – 25 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles or the full 100 miles in 50 hours – 6 p.m. Friday evening until 8 p.m. on Sunday.

Photo provided to the Times Observer Jody English wraps up the entire 100 miles of the A-100 Hiking Challenge.

“This year a record number of hikers, 36, completed the 100 mile challenge out of 89 that attempted it,” Toole said.

Eight went 75 miles, while 90 completed 50 miles and 51 hikers finished 25 miles.

“Hikers ranged in ability from experienced hikers and trail runners to beginning backpackers that had never hiked 25 miles before,” Toole said. “All pushed themselves to achieve their goal.”

Toole said the feedback from hikers included phrases like “awesome experience” to “amazing time” to “epic adventure.”

“Many hikers vowed to return next year to attempt to complete their challenge or try a longer distance,” she said. “All hikers enjoyed talking and learning from their peers and sharing time on the trail.”

Photo provided to the Times Observer Nearly 200 hikers at the outset of last weekend’s A-100 Hiking Challenge.

Toole said the Chapter would like to thank the volunteers for the event, as well as sponsors including United Refining, Kwik Fill, Betts, Superior Tire and Crescent Beer.


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