Youngsville Borough Council talks event permit process, costs

Youngsville Borough officials acknowledge that having a busy event schedule this summer is a good thing.

But those events bring costs to the borough.

And borough officials are concerned about those becoming sunk costs.

The focus of the discussion centered around a Ribfest event set for Island Park later this month and a car cruise-in. Police Chief Todd Mineweaser outlined the overtime dollars that would be spent to provide security for the events.

“It’s better to have more of a presence walking around down there,” he said.

Mineweaser said Ribfest organizers are paying $500 for that security which, he said, will cover one night of overtime for the four-day event. He added that the 2023 version of the cruise-in resulted in $1,600 in overtime.

“We haven’t had any major issues” at the events, he acknowledged.

Borough Council members were adamant the borough shouldn’t have to foot the bill.

“This shouldn’t cost the borough anything,” Mayor Scott Nelson said. “We can provide the service. We shouldn’t have to provide the cost.”

“It should not cost the borough a nickel for these people to have security,” Councilman Rick Brewster added.

Councilman Troy Clawson acknowledged that there isn’t much that can be done “at this point” for this year but suggested the development of an event committee that brings together council, borough staff and the organizer early in the planning process.

“We can deny any event no matter what,” Clawson said. “We don’t want to do that. Sometimes if we can review ahead of time” issues might be able to be avoided.

“It’s a live and learn,” Councilwoman Catrina Leamon said.

“(I’m) excited about all these things going on,” Nelson siad. “It’s great for Youngsville…. I don’t ever want to deter (but) we shouldn’t be paying for it.”


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