WCVB skeptical of Warren Worx

Warren City Council and the Warren County Commissioners have funded Warren Worx.

But concern was expressed by members of both of those bodies about the effectiveness of the concept.

And they’re not alone in their concern.

The Warren County Visitors Bureau discussed the concept during the board’s Thursday meeting. Executive Director Casey Ferry said she attended the first executive committee meeting last month. The board discussion started out with a simple question – how is the concept of Warren Worx different from the work the Warren County Visitors Bureau is expected to do?

“That’s kind of the big question,” Ferry said. “Their idea is to market the area to bring in businesses.”

She encouraged the board to read through the minutes from that meeting and “decide for yourself how the lanes are being followed.

“I’m still very fuzzy on a lot of it myself.”

“There needs to be some facilitator if you will,” WCVB Board President Troy Clawson said. “If the facilitator is the one getting all the money, whose decision are they making it for?”

He raised concern that municipalities like Youngsville, where he serves on borough council, might not “get heard” like the entities that contributed $100,000.

“I don’t know that they really know what they want,” Clawson said of Warren Worx. “Warren Worx and working together, (there are) a lot of entities and resources that already exist that could do the exact same thing they’re charging the money for.”

Both Clawson and Board member Andy Georgaikis said they want to see the initiative function.

“It didn’t start off well for working together. It feels like the same old, same old,” Clawson said.


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